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An Insight Into The Importance of Credit Card Processing Gateways

A credit card is the most popular mode of payment today, and it needs innovative processing to keep both the merchants and the customers happy. Credit Card Processing gateways play an important role here; in fact, it is essential because, without the gateway, a merchant cannot exist. Sound and safe transaction processing are the primaryContinue reading “An Insight Into The Importance of Credit Card Processing Gateways”

2D Payment Gateway In UK

The 2d payment gateway is the payment processing software and it also allows the customers to pay without entering any password or any kind of security check. It also secures online payment that makes the transaction successful. We at Eskaypay provide a safe and secure online payment service provider with a 2d gateways service withContinue reading “2D Payment Gateway In UK”

Nutraceutical Payment Gateway Option for Merchant Account

Nutraceutical is a huge industry. As per the reports, the Nutra Industry is estimated to growing to a staggering $671 billion by 2024 worldwide. In the United Kingdom, the business is growing at an exponential rate. Merchants dealing in the Nutraceutical industry include all those companies who sell dietary supplements, nutrients, and herbal products thatContinue reading “Nutraceutical Payment Gateway Option for Merchant Account”

ACH Payment Processing Offers Exceptional Way-Out to Industries in Transactions

Industries dealing in high-risk businesses look for an awesome solution and thus get in touch with a payment processor like ePay Global. As a merchant, you can look for outstanding solutions for your deals without any problem. Apply online for way-outs and make your payment gateway secure.  You can secure your business transactions once youContinue reading “ACH Payment Processing Offers Exceptional Way-Out to Industries in Transactions”