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2D Payment Gateway In UK

The 2d payment gateway is the payment processing software and it also allows the customers to pay without entering any password or any kind of security check. It also secures online payment that makes the transaction successful. We at Eskaypay provide a safe and secure online payment service provider with a 2d gateways service with some of the best features. The industry-specific need is provided with a high-risk business that makes the payment solution work with providing a solution that also works with many online pharmacy and telemedicine companies.

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The features related to 2d payment gateways that work with high-risk business to run with professional excellence are:

  • Fastest approval with one-click payments
  • Easier monthly statements provided online
  • Multiple currencies with real-time transactions
  • Secure and reliable 2d payment gateways
  • Complete merchant assistance     

The right solution is provided by the team of experts from the 2d payment gateways. It also provides many benefits to merchants and also immediately approves online business transactions. The integrated web services are found with API. It also provides complete security along with features that also protect the customers and merchants. The 2d payment gateways also work with the access to the global market place that can be done with 2d payment gateways that also work with multiple currencies with high-risk approving merchant sites that accept more than credit card payments along with ACH payments and fulfills the eCommerce business work well with a global network of banks. 

The 2d payment gateways work with safeguarding the transactions. It also works as a superb service provider and becomes good for the merchant accounts by removing chargebacks. The high-risk approving merchant sites work with giving a high-performance that is found with credit card payments approval. The in-app payments work in the most convenient way along with the use of customers that also reduces checkout frictions. It helps with easy payments through an app that is made in the form of usefulness with tech-savvy instruments. The 2d payment gateways are the most cost-effective that helps grows business manifolds. 

The payment gateways also help in working with recurring billing software that also manages subscription payments within the automated platforms. The payment gateways have been working as giving chargeback moments which is easy for the economical merchant accounts. It also leads to work with the anti-fraud solution making the 2d payment gateway works with specific industries to work well.

The various types of industries that are found to be in support of 2d payment gateways are:

  • Electronics
  • Furniture merchants
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Tech support
  • Credit repair
  • Debt collection
  • Insurance policies
  • Fashion designing services
  • Weight loss program companies
  • Phone and wireless services

Here are a few of the benefits related to 2d payment gateways:

  • No hidden charges
  • Fastest approval
  • No monthly fees
  • Export transactions history
  • Quick integrations
  • No particular set-up fees
  • Multiple currency approval
  • Assistance at every level

The major difference between a 2d payment gateway and a non2d payment gateway is the one where the customers enter the basic details. Once it is done without any secure authentication the amount gets deducted from the banks. The password is known to the cardholder and he is responsible for the security while considering it as his belonging. The 2d payment gateway has some amount of risk involved as compared to 3d payment gateways. It also has 3d secure services in the form of authentication. The customers can safeguard the funds and save themselves from any kind of forgery with a reduction in chargeback and fraud ratios. 

Eskaypay provides awesome services that are known with regards to 2d payment gateway solutions. It also leads to various types of business that includes both high-risk and low-risk business. The specific measures working through check with the transaction process between the merchants and the bank without much-enhanced security measures. Seeking exact services work that leads to working with worldwide merchants that can be found with clients from any corner of the world. The few real-time advantages provided by 2d payment gateways by Eskaypays are:

  • Comprehensive 24/7 customer support
  • Highest approval rates
  • Cost-effective measures
  • Currency exchange services
  • Chargeback management service
  • Fraud transaction control
  • Time-saving methods
  • Multiple payment options 

The creative solution works in the form of a reliable solution for every merchant on an individual basis. The chargeback management also leads to maintaining an economical merchant account. It also leads to working with chargeback protection, risk monitoring along with anti-fraud solutions that can be found in the payments industry. The competitive rates working with banking relationships can be found working with no application or setup fees in particular. The e-commerce, retail merchant solution along with flexible payment processing that works with built-in security and fraud prevention.

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