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Top Qualities to Look For in a Payment Gateway in Estonia with a High Success Rate

Finding a payment gateway with a higher success rate can be tricky if you do not know its primary qualities. But don’t worry; it is not difficult to spot such payment gateways if you know about some noticeable factors. After all, association with a payment solution provider is long-term, and it is not wrong to spend some time researching and finding out the best one. Once you find the right one, it will be great for the business and its growth. After all, we know that a gateway with a success rate helps attract more customers and retain them forever.

Here are the top 5 qualities of a payment gateway in Estonia with a higher success rate. Give attention to the points below and take one step towards your business stability.

What is the Success Rate?

The success rate is the number of completed transactions out of total transactions. You can easily calculate the success rate by dividing the successful transactions by the overall transactions. A success rate of 90% or above is considered good. If you talk about the failed transactions, there are mainly two reasons behind it. One reason is unsuccessful transactions from the customer’s side, and another reason is the failure from the merchant’s side.

Qualities Behind Higher Success Rate in a Payment Gateway Estonia

After knowing the meaning of success rate, it is time to understand the qualities that a payment gateway with an impressive success rate owns.

Speedy Checkout with Extensive Stored Data

Find the payment gateways that have extensively stored data of existing customers. It should have examples to present to you that it has millions of stored data of customers. Something so popular among people will attract your customers too. Many of your existing and prospective customers may already use the same payment gateway.

When a payment gateway has vast customer data stores, the checkout process becomes speedy because the customers do not enter the details repeatedly. As a result, the success rate automatically goes high because this one factor impacts how frequently people use a gateway.

Large Scale Transactions

Another secret to a higher success rate in a payment gateway is the capacity to process many transactions. This quality is specifically helpful for the high-risk merchants that process a bulk amount every month. To regularly process millions and billions of money, a payment gateway works thoroughly to create a robust payment system, which improves the success rate. When billions of customers with a global presence need to trust a merchant, hefty transactions happen. An example of an online casino will be perfect here because we all know how widely people play on online casinos. The abundance of games and rewards is promising for the customers and gives more chances to merchants to earn. Payment gateways have to keep a high success rate to keep both the merchants and their customers happy.

The ability of a payment gateway to process transactions depends on how many transactions it can process in one second. However, the power of the server on which it works is an essential factor that works behind it. There are payment gateways that process 3000 transactions per second, and there can also be gateways with millions of transactions per second. You need to find the one that is best according to your industry. It is not difficult to find a high-risk payment gateway in Estonia for your business, irrespective of industry type.

Strong Safety Tools that Make Money Travel Safely

Of course, a high success rate can never be attained if a payment gateway has compromised safety arrangements. Artificial intelligence and automation help payment processing companies commit safe money transactions for their merchant clients. The PCI-DSS compliance is already a decisive parameter both for the payment solution providers and the merchants. Also, the safety measures like 3D secure payment gateways make both the merchant and the customer more responsible.

With more robust safety measures, it is possible to reduce the chargeback issues and nullify the security threats. With no stress about the safety issues, every payment gateway in Estonia can work on the success rate. Customers always use the payment gateways famous for providing a safe transaction atmosphere. The PCI-DSS tag displayed on the website and the gateway platform is sufficient to make people use it. When people trust a payment platform, the success rate naturally improves.

Acceptance of Multiple Payment Methods and Multiple Currencies Reduces Cart Abandonment

Everything relates, right? When a payment gateway accepts many payment methods, it helps merchants reduce their cart abandonment issues. The customers have every payment option, so they do not leave things incomplete and finish purchasing on a website. Payment solution providers cannot limit their options on payment methods and currencies these days. The competition is challenging not only for the merchants but also for the payment gateways.

Business owners with expansion plans always want a payment solution company that gives them the liberty to spread their wings in any direction. If the company plans to expand its business in a new country, the payment gateway should have arrangements to accept that nation’s currency. The payment services with a presence in many countries always have a higher success rate of transactions. After all, that is why they could spread their services to such a large scale.


If you currently have plans to look for a payment gateway with a higher success rate, do not forget to consider the above-mentioned qualities. Your market research depends on your discretion, but there are always some generic factors that run an industry. The payment solution industry also runs on some principles, and they help a merchant run a smooth business. Usually, the established payment gateways have the features above, such as the EskayPay payment gateway in Estonia, a famous example with other known names. A simple hint of the noticeable factors can help you choose the right solution provider, and from day one, you can start accepting payments. At last, get paid faster and grow faster.

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How an International Payment Gateway Facilitates Hassle-Free Online Payment for Your Business?

A payment gateway is not just a bridge between the customer and the merchant, but it solves many other purposes for a business. The role is more prominent when it comes to an international payment gateway. Are you a business owner taking payment gateway services? If yes, you can easily understand how versatile the role of a payment solution provider company is.

In the past few years, online payments have increased considerably, and that is where we need a gateway for smoother transactions. The sellers and the buyers need a predictable atmosphere and infrastructure to make the money travel safely from one end to the other end.

There is no doubt that an international payment gateway company simplifies daily transactions and helps in many other ways. It is essential to understand all those ways and aspects where such a company satisfies the commercial world.

An International Payment Gateway is a Bridge Between Merchant, Customer, and Merchant Account Provider

Yes, that can be considered the most crucial role of a payment gateway service provider because it is difficult even to imagine a business without this. In the global market, companies have to face many challenges, and when the customers are worldwide, the biggest issue is the safety of their money. Before a merchant gets paid for its services or products, it needs to have a safe payment system through which money can travel safely.

The international payment providers create a safe route for daily transactions. When a customer makes a payment, the payment data first comes to the payment gateway company. The company then transfers it to the bank/credit card processors; the money is released once the transaction is approved. The released cash goes to the merchant account finally. The whole process does not take much time due to the strong support of gateway companies.

It Provides Security through High PCI-Dss Parameters

The biggest reason behind all the arrangements for daily transactions is security. Any business can receive payment from its customers, but the issues of fraud and chargeback are always there. These problems can cause a financial loss to the company and the customers and can also affect the goodwill of a business. A merchant cannot play with his excellent image in the market, so he is always possessive about the safety of his customer’s money.

It is already a rule for every merchant and a payment gateway to follow PCI-DSS regulations. The abbreviation stands for payment card industry data security standards. The payment gateway companies ensure an uncompromised safety for their merchant clients. Neither the merchant nor the payment gateway provider can perform their daily operations without following these security standards. Safety standards should secure anything related to transactions between the merchant and customer. Any compromise in security can immediately spoil a business and may even close it soon.

A payment gateway for international business gives your multiple payment methods

As a merchant, you can understand how important it is to get access to varied payment methods. Businesses with an international presence have to install multiple payment platforms for their customers because buyers will not compromise on their comfort. If they are happy with mobile payments, they will do that; the attitude is unchangeable if they prefer credit card payments. All this can happen only with the help of a payment gateway.

Credit or debit card payments, buy now, pay later, crypto payments, e-wallets, bank transfers, or any other online payment mode is possible. If an efficient payment gateway solution provider works for you, you can easily reach new customers. To make a broader reach to the new parts of the world, businesses today depend on online payments and varied methods.

International Payment Gateways help get an Offshore Merchant Account to a High-Risk Business

High-risk businesses always struggle to get a safer system to process their transactions. They are prone to chargebacks, financial fraud, data theft, and customer identity theft. Due to such threats, they need to have an offshore high-risk business merchant account, but it can be tricky for a merchant to qualify for a merchant account. The banks that provide these accounts are stringent about their approval policies because they deal with high-risk businesses. These banks are called acquirers and they are situated in other countries.

Somewhere their network and other customers may get into the threat. Imagine a hacker uses a virus to hack an account of a casino customer. The virus enters the system of its merchant account provider bank; you know how much harm it can cause. It is why acquiring banks approve only those merchants with a lower chargeback and lesser or no threat of fraud.

The payment gateway providers suggest the best ways to lower the chargeback ratio to their merchant clients. Also, they tell them how to improve the website content and ask them not to mention anything issue creating, such as fake commitments. It keeps the merchants away from the eyes of the legal institutions. Also, some payment gateway companies provide merchant accounts through their network of acquirers. Eskaypay merchant account is a suitable example of it. The gateway completes all the formalities for the merchant to apply to an acquiring bank for a merchant account. Isn’t that an immense comfort? Indeed, it is.


You agree that the above points sufficiently explain the importance of an international payment gateway for global businesses. In the atmosphere of uncertainty in the international economy, every business is already insecure about its future. In such circumstances, the role of payment gateways becomes more critical to ensure safer transactions between sellers and buyers.

Thanks to the FinTech trends that always offer advanced ways to simplify financial services and transactions. With a more predictable atmosphere, the customers also make payments confidently, which gives the benefit of customer loyalty to the businesses. Today, many payment solutions providers like Eskaypay, Braintree, Paypal, and many more. You should always choose your gateway that precisely satisfies your business needs.

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Payment Gateway Providers in the United Kingdom for All Industries

The United Kingdom is among the most progressive economies in the world. Despite the downfall and challenges at the time of Brexit and the pandemic, it is still among the strong nations on the globe. The businesses here are flourishing; however, many are struggling to overcome the loss in the past years. For that purpose, they are trying to make their business and business payments more and more customer-friendly. The payment gateway providers can help the merchants whether low-risk, medium risk, or high-risk grow faster with simpler and predictable payment methods.

Are you looking for the best online payment gateway providers UK? Here is the list of some of the most promising online payment solution companies in the United Kingdom. Have a look –


This payment gateway accepts payments in 30 different currencies and it is a widely popular gateway in the UK. You get your checkout system with 24×7 services that are provided by the knowledgeable staff of the gateway company. Get in touch with this payment gateway company and get a good deal because the company is popular for providing customized payment solutions.

SagePay gives 3 pricing options to the merchants – 1. Plus: £45/month, 2. Flex: £20.90/month, 3. Corporate: Bespoke pricing. SagePay is especially known for having a good image in every industry. It has a long list of satisfied customers and you should read its reviews. The payment gateway provider is among the best performers in payment gateway services.

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This name is perhaps already known to you if you have a business in the UK especially because it is among the top payment solution providers. Its services are convenient and your search for the best payment gateway providers United Kingdom. It has changed two owners by now, as in 2007, it was taken by and then the popular company visa took the ownership in 2010.

Cybersource deals in over 450,000 businesses across the globe and its compliant with the PCI-DSS parameters. It has cross-channel payments through which it is easier for a merchant to grow business and do innovations because the payment solutions are available smoothly.


If you are looking for a multi-tasking payment gateway, it is better to consider Eskaypay. The payment gateway company not only provides payment solutions but also connects you to merchant account providers. Known for its transparency and affordable deals, this payment gateway service provider has no set-up fees. All of its services have a global approach, as it provides high-risk merchant accounts, credit card processing, and a payment gateway.

Eskaypay is known for its best chargeback management strategy and fraud prevention tools. The payment gateway company is known for providing bespoke payment solutions for high-risk merchants. The prime business types it deals in are online casinos, IPTV, adult entertainment, online gaming, etc. The best thing is that they never make annoying calls to you. You can always leave a query and they will call you at a convenient time to provide the best-customized solutions.


It is a payment service provider that helps businesses gets their payments without any stress and mess. Bulk payments, speedy payments, timely payments, it commits all to you and has only the best experience to offer to its merchant clients. The company deals in numberless industries and you should certainly get your payment solutions in the most enhanced manner.

WePay API performance is well-known and that is why every year it attracts many customers. The while label API makes the company a strong competitor to its counterparts in the market. In 2017, JPMorgan acquired it. The intelligent risk engine of the payment gateway makes it a good choice for merchants as they can get rid of their insecurities. Get in-person payment support.


This payment platform is perfect for e-commerce businesses and it works with all sizes of businesses like small, medium, and big. Omnichannel payment facility helps merchants expand their business to new locations and earn a big profit. You as a business owner will enjoy simplified payment solutions for your customers, as the payment gateway company removes all complexities.

Ingenico has a good payment acceptance rate, which increases operational efficiency. Convert currency in a short time to help merchants withdraw money. If you are looking for POS solutions, Ingenico is a worthy name. Its swiped rate is 1.00% to 4.99%. Compare its rates with those you have shortlisted but do not only focus on pricing but also give more importance to payment solution features. Ingenico is a reliable name if you want multiple features and facilities.


It has enabled millions of businesses in the UK to grow globally with its network in over 200 countries. In 2019, the company was acquired by, and after that, it expanded its business into merchant services. It provides solutions for risk management and can integrate with all marketplaces with its low-cost solutions. The payment provider has a versatile portfolio; it serves merchants from all industries.

Get paid for your products globally and conveniently and make a fast reach to the new customers. Known as the flexible, fast, and secured payment solution provider, Payoneer has only good experience to offer you. It also has a smart chargeback management policy. You can call anytime to take assistance from its 24×7 customer support service. The company has a team of professionals with experience from every field and industry make the payment solutions suitable for every merchant.


All the above names are best and hand-picked according to their good performance. The purpose of the list is to serve you the right solution irrespective of geographical boundaries. Get in touch with any of these personally and get an affordable deal and start taking payments easily from your customers. A business with a smooth and convenient payment platform for the buyers always attains goodwill easily in the market. Do your research, make comparisons and take a rational and patient decision. Options are many but not all suit your business requirements, RIGHT? However, all the above options are the best ones and you should certainly get your payment partner here.

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Best Payment Gateways for UK Online Businesses In 2022

Online businesses in the UK are always in the search of the best payment gateways that can ensure safer transactions between them and their customers. Whether it is a credit card payment, mobile payment, or even cryptocurrency payment that is getting popular nowadays, a good payment gateway is required. 

Here is the list of the best payment gateways for UK online businesses in 2022. Have a look, you may find some of the options relatable to your business. 

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With an uptime percentage of 99.99%, this payment gateway is among the few ones that offer you round-the-clock services. It is certified with a rating of 1 on PCI compliance. It has a 5-star Trustpilot rating, another quality that makes it a rare option. The payment gateway is known for its reliability. Its monthly fee is £32 to £45+and you can do free transactions from 350 to 500. Merchants get a dedicated account manager. It can integrate with all major POS platforms to support multi-currency payments. Virtual terminal and CRM integration are included. 

Hand pay Payment Gateway

It is an affordable option, especially for start-up owners. It costs you only £19.99 per month. You can read its reviews because almost all of its customers are happy with its services. Through this gateway, you can receive online payments, e-mail, e-invoices, or even payments over the phone. Integration assistance is available 24×7 and the best part is that Handpay is known for its transparency. No fear of hidden fees can ever annoy you and also it has an extremely honest approach to payment processing. 


This payment gateway is known for its global reach and it takes no set-up fee which should be a good point for you to consider shortlisting. The PCI-DSS compliance and chargeback management strategy are two pillar factors that make every merchant ask for its services. Also, the payment gateway has a vast network of acquiring banks and can help you get an offshore merchant account. Eskaypay is among the best online Payment Gateway Providers UK. This gateway company specializes in high-risk payment gateway solutions for industries like online casinos, gaming, IPTV, etc. 


Another name that does not need any introduction, as it is well-known and has a global reach in over 200 countries. PayPal is popular because it is user-friendly for customers as well as merchants. Customers can make payments even without having an account on PayPal nowadays. Besides, millions of people all over the world already have their accounts on it. The payments are speedy because the bank details and the credit card details are already there. Above all, this gateway company enjoys the trust of merchants and customers all across the globe. 


The payment gateway has a presence in over 170 countries and it offers tokenized transactions and recurring billing. The payment gateway company is working for 20 years and is known for simplifying transactions for the sellers as well as the buyers. If you talk about the benefits of choosing 2checkout for your business, you can count. It processes credit card transactions globally with a wide range of payment methods including Apple Pay, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc. It provides you with a convenient and single-page checkout system for your shopping cart. 

Amazon Pay 

AmazonPay is also popular and convenient due to speedy transactions however, its fee is higher compared to the other payment gateways. But the good thing is that one can pay using Alexa. However, you should know that this popular payment gateway does not support payments from PayPal. It is the reason that your research should also be there to take a final decision. If you do not have any dependence on PayPal payments, this gateway option is good for you and worthy to consider for e-commerce and any sort of industry. 


This UK-based payment gateway EPOS systems and gives online payment options as well as card machines. However, if your business includes American Express payments, then this payment gateway does not accept it. The gateway has a UK-based account system with customer support for 7-days. It has plugins for almost all e-commerce websites, which means if you are a merchant from this industry, you can shortlist this payment gateway option. With years of experience, this gateway company gives strong competition to its counterparts in the UK. You will not face disappointment with this payment gateway company because it is also known for its professionalism. 


The above-mentioned names are significant for every merchant from any industry because these are the popular names. The services are affordable, the reach is global as well as local and the procedures are transparent. However, your research should always be the last thing to take the final decision. Your discretion is the most important thing because association with a payment gateway can leave a long-term impact on your business. To know more about the best payment gateway deals contact here.

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How a Payment Gateway in Georgia Gives Ready-Made Payment Solutions to Merchants?

Payment gateway solutions are now much more advanced, as, in the last few years especially after the pandemic; merchants are more inclined to online business. The switch is fast in the high-risk businesses such as casinos that are now run online to avoid any uncertain and unpredictable situations.

The payments are taken online from the customers but that calls for uncompromised security for the money transfer between the customer and the merchant. Sometimes, businesses have to refund the buyers, at that time also, a transaction should be safe. Also, the secrecy of customer data is a big concern. All concerns are solved by payment gateway providers.

Below are the aspects that reveal how the merchants get the ready-made solutions to operate their businesses smoothly.

One-Page Payment Gateway In Georgia with all Features is More Popular

The merchants do not need to worry about multiple payment pages that irritate their customers. An advanced payment gateway in Georgia provides a one-page payment plan with all vital features. It will be PCI-DSS compliant, easy integration, invoicing option, multiple payment options on the same page, etc. are always present.

The merchants, as well as the buyers of services or products, always like one-page payment processing. No one likes to mind-boggle with multiple gatekeepers while paying after a purchase. EskayPay payment gateway in Georgia is completely equipped with all qualities of the best payment solutions. You can always contact us day, night anytime to know how we can help you run your business hassle-free.

Customized Chargeback Management Strategy According to Industry Type

Every industry especially every high-risk industry is prone to some threats and chargeback is one among them. The payment gateway companies in Georgia make customized chargeback management strategies according to the business type.

For example, some businesses are more prone to friendly fraud such as IPTV, in which users can ask for a chargeback. From poor video quality to vulgar content, they have many reasons to mention. The users first use a service or product and claim a chargeback for their credit card payments. Normally banks and credit card companies favor the users because they are their customers. Through chargeback management strategy, payment gateways can spot such customers who repeatedly make chargeback demands. Payments from such customers can be stopped before transaction completion to leave them for the merchant’s final decision.

Many Payment Options Make a Payment Gateway in Georgia Practically Useful

Payment gateways in Georgia provide all popular payment options for the comfort of the businesses and their customers. It is not only about comfort but also the demand of the time. As we know the finance industry has become quite rich in a variety of financial products. Bank transfers and cash payments are the things of old times, now people need faster payments to buy things immediately.

Mobile payments, web money, cryptocurrency payments, e-wallets, etc. are vital to install in the payment system for a merchant. A local payment gateway in Georgia always knows what the merchants want. According to the needs of the business and its industry type, payment gateway companies help customers get rid of delays that happen in bank transfers.

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How does EskayPay Provide the Best Solutions as a Payment Gateway in Georgia?

With years of experience and availability of all payment gateway tools including the in-built fraud detection methods, we help you ensure safer transactions. Bulk transactions for high-risk merchants are a big task but we connect you with more than one merchant account provider. In case of any congestion in the payment network, our system transfers the transaction to another acquirer.

Our payment solutions are compliant with payment card industry data security standards. As a payment gateway company, we follow all decided rules, as we help businesses become a brand. It is simple to understand for us that a merchant lives more on his goodwill and that comes with trustworthiness. Businesses who can take good care of the money and the financial details of the customers always become popular.

Let Eskaypay handle all your mess of business transactions because we know how varied industries work. Our portfolio shows the clients and types of industries we have worked for. Worldwide payment gateway companies try to provide the best experience. It feels good to inform you that EskayPay satisfies every merchant it works with. You are here for a reason and we can help you get the best payment solutions in Georgia.


The mentioned aspects reveal the requirement of the Georgian merchants and also how the payment gateways in Georgia solve them. EskayPay works with many merchants from Georgia and we have a vast network there. We can assure you that all the above features and traits of a good payment gateway are already present in our solutions. Our need is that you explain to us about your business in a detailed manner because we can also help you get a merchant account. With our widespread global network in all industries especially the high-risk ones, you can run a successful business.

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