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How a Payment Gateway in Georgia Gives Ready-Made Payment Solutions to Merchants?

Payment gateway solutions are now much more advanced, as, in the last few years especially after the pandemic; merchants are more inclined to online business. The switch is fast in the high-risk businesses such as casinos that are now run online to avoid any uncertain and unpredictable situations.

The payments are taken online from the customers but that calls for uncompromised security for the money transfer between the customer and the merchant. Sometimes, businesses have to refund the buyers, at that time also, a transaction should be safe. Also, the secrecy of customer data is a big concern. All concerns are solved by payment gateway providers.

Below are the aspects that reveal how the merchants get the ready-made solutions to operate their businesses smoothly.

One-Page Payment Gateway In Georgia with all Features is More Popular

The merchants do not need to worry about multiple payment pages that irritate their customers. An advanced payment gateway in Georgia provides a one-page payment plan with all vital features. It will be PCI-DSS compliant, easy integration, invoicing option, multiple payment options on the same page, etc. are always present.

The merchants, as well as the buyers of services or products, always like one-page payment processing. No one likes to mind-boggle with multiple gatekeepers while paying after a purchase. EskayPay payment gateway in Georgia is completely equipped with all qualities of the best payment solutions. You can always contact us day, night anytime to know how we can help you run your business hassle-free.

Customized Chargeback Management Strategy According to Industry Type

Every industry especially every high-risk industry is prone to some threats and chargeback is one among them. The payment gateway companies in Georgia make customized chargeback management strategies according to the business type.

For example, some businesses are more prone to friendly fraud such as IPTV, in which users can ask for a chargeback. From poor video quality to vulgar content, they have many reasons to mention. The users first use a service or product and claim a chargeback for their credit card payments. Normally banks and credit card companies favor the users because they are their customers. Through chargeback management strategy, payment gateways can spot such customers who repeatedly make chargeback demands. Payments from such customers can be stopped before transaction completion to leave them for the merchant’s final decision.

Many Payment Options Make a Payment Gateway in Georgia Practically Useful

Payment gateways in Georgia provide all popular payment options for the comfort of the businesses and their customers. It is not only about comfort but also the demand of the time. As we know the finance industry has become quite rich in a variety of financial products. Bank transfers and cash payments are the things of old times, now people need faster payments to buy things immediately.

Mobile payments, web money, cryptocurrency payments, e-wallets, etc. are vital to install in the payment system for a merchant. A local payment gateway in Georgia always knows what the merchants want. According to the needs of the business and its industry type, payment gateway companies help customers get rid of delays that happen in bank transfers.

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How does EskayPay Provide the Best Solutions as a Payment Gateway in Georgia?

With years of experience and availability of all payment gateway tools including the in-built fraud detection methods, we help you ensure safer transactions. Bulk transactions for high-risk merchants are a big task but we connect you with more than one merchant account provider. In case of any congestion in the payment network, our system transfers the transaction to another acquirer.

Our payment solutions are compliant with payment card industry data security standards. As a payment gateway company, we follow all decided rules, as we help businesses become a brand. It is simple to understand for us that a merchant lives more on his goodwill and that comes with trustworthiness. Businesses who can take good care of the money and the financial details of the customers always become popular.

Let Eskaypay handle all your mess of business transactions because we know how varied industries work. Our portfolio shows the clients and types of industries we have worked for. Worldwide payment gateway companies try to provide the best experience. It feels good to inform you that EskayPay satisfies every merchant it works with. You are here for a reason and we can help you get the best payment solutions in Georgia.


The mentioned aspects reveal the requirement of the Georgian merchants and also how the payment gateways in Georgia solve them. EskayPay works with many merchants from Georgia and we have a vast network there. We can assure you that all the above features and traits of a good payment gateway are already present in our solutions. Our need is that you explain to us about your business in a detailed manner because we can also help you get a merchant account. With our widespread global network in all industries especially the high-risk ones, you can run a successful business.

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