Credit Card Processing In International Payment Gateway


The United Kingdom is among the countries where Credit Card is very popular payment tool. Since it is widely used by people of the United Kingdom the Credit Card Processing has always been in great demand among online merchants.

Customers use credit cards for various purposes. Buying goods, Paying for Mobile bills, Electricity bills, Internet Bills and number of other common purposes. If you are a merchant then it becomes necessary that you should have the support of accepting Credit cards in order to receive payments.

Role of Credit Card Processing on Online Businesses

Your online sale goes up if your associate partners like payment service providers are well equipped with services. They are the accelerators and credit builders for your business.

It is an international method of payment that is widely used throughout the world. So making a payment for services with merchants outside of your country is very simple with credit cards.

Whether your business is within the country or offshore it can help you grow your business if you facilitate payment for customers with Credit Cards.

Payments with Credit cards will also encourage customers to continue using your service. You can also offer recurring payments to free them from reminders for your service.

Credit Card Processing in International Payment Gateway

According to the worldwide analysis of payment transactions, Credit Cards are the most conventional method of making payments to merchants. This may be due to many reasons discussed below

  1. Ease of Availability: As far as the customer is concerned this is the only common mode of payment available throughout the world.
  2. Acceptance by Merchants: Maximum number of merchant businesses supports online payment with credit cards.
  3. Quick and Safe Processing: It is safe to use credit cards for customers and likewise for merchants to accept payments with credit cards. The entire time of processing a payment is in seconds.
  4. Merchants find easy to make refund: If the customer’s demands with right justification to product or service problem it is easy for merchants to refunds their money to their account

And similarly, there are many other benefits of credit cards.

Looking into its extensive use the credit card processing in the International Payment gateway becomes essential in order to make the best out of your business.

Eskaypay Credit Card Processing

Eskaypay has been a technical explorer who is concerned with Credit Card Processing technology. Our approach towards customer satisfaction has paved the way to establish us among many countries throughout the world.

As soon as the customers fill up the card detail, the information is quickly circulated through our gateways to processors. From processors the information is cross-examined in order to ensure whether the right person is using the card or fraud is being conducted.

During this examination card, details like card number, expiry date, etc. are verified with the customer’s bank. Also, the fund availability and other credentials are checked to ensure payment.

After verification, the amount is deducted and credit to Merchants accounts. Along with this, the debit receipt is generated for customers to let them know the payment has been made.

Various parameters are set by Eskaypay experts in order to ensure the payment is steady and secure. Features are scaled up and down depending upon the requirements.

Indicators of Good Credit Card Processors

While choosing a Payment Service Provider for Credit card processing there are various points that every merchant should consider.

  1. Easy To Integrate: It should be as easy to integrate that with few codes your e-commerce platform is ready with the payment gateways
  2. Multiprocessing of transactions: It is one of the key factors that decide the efficiency of your payment processors. It should have the capability of processing unlimited transactions simultaneously.
  3. Multi-currency processing: Business online does not restrict you to your native country but sales abroad will require conversion of currency to yours. In such a case your card processor should be capable of accepting money in any currency and convert them to yours.
  4. Ability to Refund: In case of any issue it should quickly process back the refund to the customer. It leaves a good impression on the buyer’s mind.
  5. Detect Frauds: Frauds can lead you to a bad experience in the business. Your Payment Gateway should have threat detecting filters in order to prevent Chargeback.
  6. Export daily or monthly reports: Daily Transaction report is essential for any business in order to check the status of daily business.
  7. Real-Time monitoring of payments: Should be capable of reflecting real-time payments so that services from the merchant’s end can be escalated.
  8. Swift processing: No customer wish to wait long for a simple transaction. Processing of cards should be such that it can change the user experience overpayment.
  9. Avoid Technical Glitches: Customer can simply give up without making payment due to technical failure. This occurs when your payment processor is not technologically equipped to manage huge transactions.
  10. Continuous Innovation in Technology: It should continue upgrading itself with the rapidly changing technology in order to cater to all the problems of Merchants.

Eskaypay expertise in the above stated points and lets merchants to relax as far as Credit Card Processing is concerned. You can enjoy stress free integration of credit cards to your online platform.


It’s been a decade we have been a credit card processor for some of the big names in the High-Risk Industry. We are continuously innovating ourselves in new technologies.

No doubt there are many competitors in the market but Eskaypay has topped in credit card processing service.

Merchants are continuously marking progressing in their business and adding profits while offering credit cards as a payment service being very sure about our service.

Be a part of one of the best payment services in the UK. Contact Us now to experience the unpredicted change in your business.

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