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“Payment ! Need help”?

Where there is money there is risk and profit in both hands. As well-being, everyone wants to earn a living for their loved ones and give them the best life. But as we know there’s a lot that we can’t ignore and the previous year the same thing happened to us. Coronavirus spread all over the world. Nobody could escape from this pandemic/havoc. We pray that God relieves us from this deadliest trap ever, and return our lives to normal. But even then, what about those people who lost their sources of income and their families starving from hunger and thirst. Businesses had to bear an unbearable loss. Merchants are figuring out the way they can pay out their liabilities and close their businesses. But something is there standing for the help of those merchants. Yes! And that’s the digital marketing era, where most of the businessmen lost their hopes and trying to back up; there are still some businesses that are running at a good speed. These businesses took the first opportunity to get online and serve their clients even following the social distancing. Online platforms come with revolutionary effects for every business in the market. Online websites connect the merchants to offshore businesses, and that can be a good opportunity for growth. But following the situation as offshore merchants your customers have a lot of expectations from you and with your services. Businesses work faster or slower on the basis of their technology and that can possibly affect their productivity and payment procedures. Customer demands fast and secure payment services, and you need to fulfil their demand as to exist in the top list. Here “Eskaypay” came to support you, we acknowledge that you as a merchant definitely want to generate good revenue, and to do that you have to satisfy customers with what they demand from your brand. First of all, they need comfort as their first demand and we’re sure that you’re providing that comfort by your website. With the help of that website, they don’t need to go outside and roam around in rush in this situation and also you must be providing home delivery that’s even convenient for them. But what about payment processing? You are taking the help of a slow processor to process your transaction that may not be comforting for those customers. So, you just need to change the way you work. 


Payment Gateway UK

“Eskaypay” providing you an “International Payment Gateway” that would be really helpful for your future transactions. This payment gateway uses fast integration service and provides you quick approval from banks on each transaction. As an “International Payment Gateway” this processor allows you to trade in multiple currencies and lets you accept your payment in your own currency. This “payment processor” provides you the option of “alternate payment mode” with the help of which the customers can conveniently pay their bills. To keep you up-to-date with your transaction history this “payment processor” uses a 24-hour live reporting system and it also saves up your data from the very beginning. You can process millions of transactions with the help of a Large-value payment service and provide you a high-value transaction. This “payment gateway” provides you “Global card saving” service with the help of which your customer can save their details once and next time website will let them pass this process. This “payment gateway” lets you accept credit card payments and can process those transactions in less than a day. The process starts when the customers fill in their details and the transaction notification send to the website. The website sends that transaction notification to the payment processor and waits for its action. The payment processor sends that notification to the customer’s bank and in the last to the card association for confirmation. After that, the notification about the customer’s purchase sends to each of the members and they allow the merchants to accept the payment from a credit card. Following this, you can understand how long the credit card processing is. This “payment gateway” also helps you to make better foreign relations and enter into the international market easily.

3D “n” Protect

This “Payment gateway” uses a fast and secure 3D security of SSL DSS, which creates an extra layer of authentication that can make your website double secured. The reason is pretty simple, you’re running an online eCommerce website and that can attract multiple threats like – online scammers, credit card frauds, and viruses that can surely junk your files or steal your personal data that belongs to you either your customers. Both situations are terrific, that’s why this protection system runs a security check per day to let you be alert of some shady tricks from those tricksters.


“Eskaypay” can provide you payment gateway services you want according to your business type. Our flexible terms and conditions will definitely help you in the future. Our dedicated members can be useful to you 24-hours. If you want to know about our other services you can read our article section. Contact “Eskaypay” and forget your hesitation.

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