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Payment Gateway UK: Tips to Get the Best Service for Your Online Business

Are you a merchant in the UK and looking forward to selling products online. A PAYMENT GATEWAY UK could be a good choice for you to manage your business. With a payment gateway, you can offer your customers everything they need to complete payment.

In this blog, you will get to know about what to look for while choosing a payment gateway, but before that, let’s understand a payment gateway.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway allows you to collect payments from your customers and safely deposit them into your bank account. This may confuse a merchant with hundreds of gateways available, battling for offering low transaction fees and monthly costs.

Types of Gateways

First, there are two major types of gateways available:

Onsite Gateways

A merchant can receive payments directly on their website with an onsite payment gateway. This means customers don’t get directed to the service provider’s website to enter their credit or debit card details and complete the payment.


•  A seamless checkout processes

•  Decreases cart abandon at the time of checkout process


•  Extra tools required (E.g., SSL Certificate)

•  Higher cost

Offsite Gateways

An offsite payment gateway pops up the customer from the merchant’s website to the payment gateway provider’s website to complete the payment.


•  Due to its lower cost best suit for startups

•  The easy and swift setup process


•  You may lose your brand trust for customers

•  Usually, more customers abandon the checkout process

It is vital to understand the difference between the two payment gateways to choose a perfect gateway because it can mean more or fewer outgoings and transactions.

What needs to look like in a payment gateway?

1. Security: PCI DSS Compliance Level

While selling products and services online, it is necessary to ensure that your customer’s data is safe. Failure to do so can result in hefty losses, which could wipe out your business. So, ensure that the service provider is PCI-DSS compliant before choosing one.

You don’t need any expertise with the latest encryption technology. It is up to you to know how your business deals with customer’s data. To secure your business, only consider those who offer PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway.

2. Ease of Integration

 payment gateway is basically computer software. As a result, it requires being able to integrate with the other software that handles your website.

For instance, you may have a content management system, shopping cart, and payment gateway that all need to work with each other. So, ensure the service you are looking forward to work with other systems you are using.

3. Uptime & Reliability Record

When your e-commerce website can be available 24*7, then why don’t your payment gateway? Uptime and reliability are the key features of any well-established website. If your payment gateway is down, it means your business is down. So, ensure your payment gateway service provider offers you some uptime guarantee.

4. The Right Level of Fraud Detection

It is evident and no merchant wants to sell their products or services to have the payment disputed or charged back. So, to not lose your legitimate customers away, ensure your service provider has a highly secured payment platform.

It should have fraud detection tools and chargeback management, so you can sell your products without any loss and losing your legitimate customers.

5. Payment Options Accepted

At a point, you will want to accept payment from your customer from various options. Luckily, some advanced payment gateway service providers allow you to accept and process payment via multiple modes like a credit card, debit card, mobile payments, etc.

6. Multiple Currencies Accepted

Just because you are operating your business in the UK doesn’t mean all your customers are. If you can ship overseas, you should go for a payment gateway that supports multiple currency processing across the globe.

However, you should be aware that these transactions may cost you slightly more to complete the transaction.

7. Real-Time Reporting

It is not necessarily important that all the companies offer real-time reporting as part of their payment processing package. This feature can you an estimated insight into how your business is doing. Additionally, it will support you in rectifying and eliminate problems quickly and easily.

Why choose EskayPay?

There are a lot of industries not getting an appropriate payment gateway service for their business. As a result, they are losing and missing potential customers and opportunities in the market. EskayPay solution comes into the limelight here as an answer to industries for payment-related queries.

The best part is that it has the solution for all types of businesses, whether high-risk, low-risk, or mid-risk. If you come to us, you will get the answer.

To the merchants in the UK, we offer Payment Gateway UK to receive their payouts from across the globe. Our payment gateway has everything you require to safeguard and make your processing smooth.

Benefits of our payment gateway:

•  Easy integration

•  Multiple payment modes

•  Multi-channel payment processing

•  Coinage solution

•  PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Payment Gateway

•  Fraud prevention tools and chargeback mitigation

•  24*7 reliable customer support

Contact Us

To know more about Payment Gateway UK, connect with our expert team by filling an online form available on our website.

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