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International Payment Gateway A Key To Access Global e-Commerce Platform

If you are a merchant involved in any industry whether high-risk, low-risk, or mid-risk, looking for a way out to explore the global e-commerce industry, EskayPay is the right choice for you. It offers you International Payment Gateway with merchant account service to manage your global transactions hassle-free.

As a merchant, you can offer all the services and features your customer needs to make an online payment with EskayPay. It has a comprehensive solution for all your payment related queries.


As a high-risk payment processor, they provide services to all industries whether it is high-risk, low-risk, or mid-risk business. Plus, it offers a merchant account as well to manage your payment flows smoothly.

There are several benefits for the merchant with EskayPay solution:

Credit card processing 

Accepting credit card payments will always bring more customers and more sales to the business. People across the globe often prefer to choose credit card payments over cash or other modes of payments.

Plus, credit card payments are the best way for any business to maintain the cash flow in the business.

EskayPay offers merchant credit card processing with its international payment gateway. Merchants can allow their customers to make the payment via credit card and debit card. We support all major card brand payments like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.

Plus, we get the ability of the merchants to process real-time credit card payments. They can accept payment from their customer using credit card payment in any currency on a real-time basis.

Our only aim is to make their growth rate higher more than ever had.

Multicurrency payment processing

When a merchant wishes to explore the global market, it is vital to opt for a payment processor with a coinage solution. With the help of multi-currency processing, merchants can offer their customers the option to make payment in their desired cash.

Plus, when a merchant shows the payable amount in the customer’s local currency, it becomes more trustworthy for the customers.

Plus, your pricing does not confuse the customers. It results in a decrease chargeback ratio for your business.

EskayPay offers merchants the ability to process the payment in various currencies with International Merchant Account . Merchants can provide the option to their customers to make the payment in their desired currencies.

Plus, they can process any currency their customer used for the payment on a real-time basis.

Coinage solution is the best way for merchants to increase the number of their customers and sales.

Accept various payment modes 

The business needs to give choice to the customer to make the payment that suits them. People like to spend time and money at the portal where they found the freedom to choose. It results in more sales and profit for the merchants.

EskayPay offers merchants the ability to process the payment in various methods. The customers can make the payment via credit card, debit card, ACH, eCheck, mobile payment, MOTO payment, etc.

Our international payment gateway enables merchants to build a strong customer base.

Multi-channel processing 

Multi-channel payments are the best way to increase their online sales for the merchants. Making several payment options available to your website helps to win and retain customers.

EskayPay multi-channel payment system enables merchants to enhance their sales by giving customers the way to pay that suits them the best.

Customers can pay using any internet-connected device whether mobile, tablet, laptops, etc. Plus, MOTO payment processing also becomes convenient for your business.

Secure solution 

Security is the primary concern of the customers while making online transactions. People often avoid making transactions at an insecure platform. It makes your business less trustworthy and be the reason to lose your customers. However, it is essential to opt for a highly secured international payment gateway for your business.

EskayPay offers you an international payment gateway with extraordinary security solutions. It comes with several security tools to make your payment processing secure for your customers. Below are some of the security tools that we provide:

PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance: PCI-DSS compliance becomes important for the merchants accepting card payments. If any merchant is not PCI complied then it may cause him a lot of fines and it will always be a risk for the customers to make card payment at that platform.

Being with EskayPay, you do not need to comply with PCI compliance. Our payment gateway is already PCI complied which makes it secure for your customers to make card payments.

3D Secure: To add extra fraud protection, 3D Secure needs an additional verification step to be completed by cardholder’s while paying. Basically, customer lands on an authentication page on their bank’s website, and require to enter a password associated with the card or a code sent to their registered number. It helps you to identify the customer and reduces the chargeback ratio.


The global e-commerce industry is vast and filled with massive opportunities. To gain profit from here a merchant only requires an online store and payment gateway integration. With an appropriate payment gateway, merchants get impeccable profit and growth in their business.

A vast customer base for their product and services eagerly waiting there, by showing their presence online they can easily attract those potential customers.

EskayPay offers merchants a complete solution for international payment processing.

To know more about our international payment gateway, connect with us.

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